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Truck Transmissions, Differentials, Transfer Case and Parts.
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Truck Transmissions, Differentials, Transfer Cases, Pto's and Parts

Rebuilt, new and used truck transmissions, differential and pto.
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Meritor Truck Differentials. Meritor Differential.
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We offer the complete line of Meritor Differentials and all related repair and replacement parts for trucks and heavy equipment.
New and Factory Remanufactures Meritor truck differentials.

Can you afford to trust something so integral to the operation of your Meritor truck or heavy equipment to a roadside shop or truck stop mechanic. All of our Meritor differentials are genuine OEM Meritor for the finest quality and reliability available on the market today. The Worlds largest rebuilt Meritor differential supplier offers same day shipping anywhere in the World at discount prices.

When it comes to the Meritor differential that you depend on to make your living or one in your fleet of trucks, our people truly are the pros and we have no issue in providing our credentials to prove it. You want it done and done right. We offer all the latest technologies offered by Meritor.

Our reputation says it all. We are honest and fair and it shows. Give us a call and see the difference for yourself.

Our distribution centers are located throughout the US for fast reliable delivery. Our massive inventory of Meritor truck differentials and parts can supply you with the right part the first time or a complete truck differential factory built to the specs you provide.

Meritor differentials from the leader in the industry: Meritor truck differentials, Meritor tractor trailer differentials, Meritor heavy equipment differentials, Meritor semi truck differentials and parts delivered anywhere on the planet.

For all your Meritor differential and differential parts needs. One call does it all. Best price and availability guaranteed. We stock: Meritor truck differential, Meritor semi truck differential, Meritor heavy equipment differential, Meritor farming differential, Meritor industrial differential and repair and replacement parts and supplies. Rebuilt exchange program.

Meritor  differentials and all related repair parts for all makes and models with same day Domestic and International shipping.

Meritor Drive Axle, Axle, Ring and Pinion, Crown Wheel and Pinion, in stock and ready to ship today. All Meritor models as well as parts, front rear and rear rear units, bearing kits, rebuild kits, crown wheel and pinion sets, seal kits, bearings, shim kits, axle seals, yokes, u-joints, drive shafts, axles, housings, covers, seals, ring & pinion, spider gears, power divider, posi-traction, spools, Detroit lockers, axle gears, seals, bearing overhaul kits, diff case parts, rear ends, carriers, spider gear sets, pinion yokes, housings, master install kit, pinion nut and much more. Any part for any Meritor differential ever made.

Meritor Differential Exchange Program.
Meritor Differential Parts.
Meritor Drive Axle,
Meritor Axle.

All Rebuilt Meritor Differential models available for delivery or shipped World wide.


SQHD SQ100 SQ100-P SSHD RT40-145 SERIES RD20-145 RD20145 RDL20-145 RDL20145 RP20-145 RP20145 RPL20-145 RPL20145 RT46-160 SERIES RD23-160 RD23160 RDL23-160 RDL23160 RP23-160 RP23160 RPL23-160 RPL23160


SQHD SQHP SQAR SQ100 SSHD RT40-145 SERIES RR20-145 RR20145 RRL20-145 RRL20145 RT46-160 SERIES RR23-160 RR23160 RRL23-160 RRL23160


F106 R170 RS20-145 RS20145 RS23-160 RS23160


RS15-210 RS15210 RS17-220 RS17220 RS21-230 RS21230

MERITOR RD20-145 Differential Assembly
MERITOR RR20-145 Differential Assembly
MERITOR RS20-145 Differential Assembly
MERITOR RS21145 Differential Assembly
MERITOR RS23160 Differential Assembly
MERITOR RS23161 Differential Assembly
MERITOR RT20-145 Differential Assembly
MERITOR SQ100F Differential Assembly
MERITOR SQ100R Differential Assembly
MERITOR SQHR Differential Assembly

Replacement Meritor / Rockwell

Meritor Differential SL-SQHD FRONT
Meritor Differential SL-SQHD REAR
Meritor DifferentialSL-SQ100/SQHP FRONT

QHP, QD-100, QP-100, LD-100, LP-100, QRD-100, QRP-100
Meritor Differential SQHP/QAR REAR
Meritor Differential SL-SQ100 REAR
Meritor Differential SSHD FRONT
Meritor Differential SSHD-SHR-THR-UHR REAR
Meritor Differential FORWARD CARRIERS
MODELS: 140, 141 & 145 SERIES

210, 220, 230 & 240 SERIES
Meritor Differential MODELS: RS13-120, 15-120 AND 125 SINGLE AXLES

Planetary Hub Reduction Single and Tandem Drive Axles

MS-26-616    26,000 lb.
MS-30-616    30,000 lb.
MS-38-616    38,000 lb.
MT-52-616    52,000 lb. GAWR
MT-58-616    58,000 lb. GAWR
MT-70-616    70,000 lb. GAWR

Single Rear Drive Axles

MS-113 Series
RS-120 Series
RS-145 Series
RS-160/161 Series
RS-23-186 Series

Tandem Rear Drive Axles

RT-34 Series    34,000 lbs. GAWR
RT-40 Series    40,000 lbs. GAWR
RT-44 Series    44,000 lbs. GAWR
RT-46 Series    46,000 lbs. GAWR
RT-50 Series    50,000 lbs. GAWR
RT-52 Series    52,000 lbs. GAWR
RT-58 Series    58,000 lbs. GAWR

Tridem Axles

MZ-77-616    77,000 lbs. GAWR
RZ-166    69,000 lbs. GAWR